Insomnia’s Lost Slumber

Originally designed in black and white, the title was inspired by what appears to be a room with beds lining the walls on both sides. The beds are empty and other elements in the scene give it an ominous vibe. So much so that I decided to do a second version using a hand-picked color gradient. Believe it or not, this image is entirely fractal generated. The fact that it appears to be a room full of beds was merely a pleasant surprise. I could not begin to tell you how I achieved that effect in JWildfire. I just experiment and it was a happy landing. I call the color version the “Red Nightmare Edit”. It’s a nod to King Crimson’s song One More Red Nightmare.

Red Nightmare Edit

Edge of Excess

Designed with JWildfire, the Edge of Excess fractal portrays the danger of greed. Beneath the nearly transparent floor, you can easily see the blazing inferno waiting to engulf those who cross the line.

The “rocky” background as well as post processing were done in Photoshop.

Beyond The Battle Lines – A Tribute to John Wetton

I did this composite image, what I like to call a “fractal enhanced photo”, a few years ago in memory of the late, great John Wetton who, sadly, passed away on January 31, 2017. John often wrote very personal lyrics that reflected things that happened in his life and always sung with great sincerity. He was a phenomenal bassist who played with many bands including King Crimson, UK, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep and Asia among many others and guested on albums by numerous musicians. Though known for playing bass, John was a multi-instrumentalist and also played piano and guitar as evidenced on his album Akustika: Live in America. He also toured with Steve Hackett’s band during the early Genesis Revisited tours.

I decided to call this work Beyond The Battle Lines both as a nod to his solo album called Battle Lines and as an indication that his soul has moved on from this earthly plane. Also, like many of us, John fought many battles over the course of his life. Many of which he eventually overcame. Sadly, it was his last battle with cancer that he ultimately lost in 2017. Though I never met John, I miss him as a musician that has been part of my life since the early 80s. May his legacy last for centuries to come.

The fractal was designed with JWildfire and the composite work and post processing were done in Photoshop.

Magium Characters

Here is my second draft of Barry and my third draft of Daren. Both definitely had their challenges; particularly Barry’s hair which still isn’t quite to my liking and Daren’s scar, eyes and fingernails. Their clothes look much better in this draft. Again, no props yet and Daren does not have armor. However, I did add a basic distant light to the scene in both renders.

I’m taking a short break from the Magium characters to rework a piece that did several years ago. Being that I have decided to do the characters in order of appearance, Eiden is next. However, I think my reworking this old piece first will be quite helpful moving forward. Plus, it’s going to look much better than it did when I originally rendered it using the 3Delight engine in Daz Studio Pro.

That said, without further ado, here’s Barry and Daren.