Heart of the System

Heart of the System

I tried out some of the new transformations in the latest version of JWildfire for this one. I’m always challenging myself to try something different so I don’t get stuck in a rut. That philosophy hasn’t stopped me from developing my own style though. If you look closely at many of my works, you can usually see a few similar elements. You might have to look very closely to see them. The “seed” (consisting of only 2 or 3 transformations) fractal for Heart of the System was already quite inspiring. When I adjusted the perspective to give it depth, a gorgeous shape appeared. I didn’t want to alter that. So, I just added a couple of simple layerz (sic) to frame the center piece.

This fractal was created in JWildfire; an app written by Andreas Maschke.

Purchase prints of various sizes at my Fine Art America page.


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