Planet Ignis 1A and Its Moon

Planet Ignis 1A and Its Moon

An exotic planet orbits an orange dwarf in an inner arm on the opposite side of the Milky Way as Earth. However, this is far from an ordinary planet. It is a sphere of plasma and superheated gases. In fact, despite its size, it is semi-transparent. This planet, Ignis 1A defies all known laws of physics. It is not a brown dwarf or even a super-Jupiter. There is absolutely no fusion happening within the sphere. Ignis has a thin atmosphere which prevents the plasma and superheated gases from escaping. It’s an incredible find! Even more amazing is that Ignis has a moon! Its moon is also made of plasma and super heated gases. However, it is more luminous due to the higher density of the gases. Ignis and its moon has astrophysicists scratching their heads. These objects should not exist. Yet, there they are!

In the beginning, this fractal looked much different. It was only one layer and looked more like an icy landscape with very strange terrain. It began to look like a real mess after adding a few transformations and variations. So, I decided to see what BubbleT3D final would do to it. That was a wow moment because it looked really cool! I tweaked a few things, Then, I created the moon in a second layer using a completely different set of transformations and variations. I used BubbleT3D as a final on that layer too. I then created a background in a third layer. It is supposed to be a planetary nebula created by a star that was several light years away from the orange dwarf of this system. This was another experiment that was a mess in the early stages and a happy landing upon completion.

This fractal was created in JWildfire; an app written by Andreas Maschke.


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