My name is David Lazarus. I am generally a very analytical person. However, I also enjoy being creative. I’ve been working with fractals for a long time and have used programs such as FractInt, Iterations, Chaoscope and Terragen Then, in July 2013, I found a fractal rendering app that really showcased my artistic ability. It’s called JWildfire and it produces a subset if Iterated Function System fractals called flames. It is a free application and can be downloaded at http://www.andreas-maschke.com/?page_id=351. I’ve spent several months developing my own style and learning how to get the most out of JWildfire. Therefore, I finally decided to make my works for sale at the following URL.


You can purchase prints ranging from greeting card size up to 36″ x 24″. You can also choose the print medium and frames. Although JWildfire has become my favorite fractal rendering app, I plan to make works done with Incendia EX and other apps available for purchase as well. Check this fineartamerica.com page often as I will be adding more of my art on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about my artwork! Best Regards, David


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